Let me begin by telling you I am NOT your typical Florida Rabbi, but rather one who embraces humor, music and comfort as part of Judaism. My goal as a spiritual leader has always been to show people that Judaism can be a part of regular, everyday life.

I have been conducting lifecycle events as part of my rabbinic functions for over 30 years. My humorous and laid back style will make your event a meaningful and comfortable, yet memorable experience. I am able to devote my time to life cycle events exclusively and provide the following services:

As a wedding Rabbi, I am able to perform marriage ceremonies for anyone who has been raised as a Jew, whether their future spouse has or has not. I am able to work with people who are not local (South Florida) by using Skype, and I truly enjoy bringing whatever level of Judaism to you and your event as you are comfortable having. I have done many destination and beach weddings and I am happy to accommodate you as well.

I have a great rapport with teens and offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah training and services. Again, because of my sense of humor, my lessons are less stressful, while teaching all the necessary preparations for this important step into Jewish adulthood. My lessons are completely individualized and can accommodate busy lifestyles by using Skype, phone, or personal visits. Remember - all this applies to adult Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremonies as well!

As for other, more immediate or intimate lifecycle events such as conversions, funerals, unveilings, commitment ceremonies or tutoring, you will find that special comforting style with me that makes any event or ceremony simpler and stress-free. 

Finally, I have also been active in my many years as a Rabbi with teaching Jewish humor classes. I am able to present them to any synagogue, organization or school. Simply contact me for more information. I am also available to teach courses in both comparative religion and comparative Judaism. If you are looking for any of the services I’ve discussed, or you have any others, contact me - let’s talk and see how I can help you.

Rabbi Westman - Florida Rabbi

Shalom From the Florida Rabbi

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