Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a true milestone for a Jewish young adult but also for men or women re-discovering their own Jewishness. Creating a curriculum that is an integration of Hebrew, English, and chanting prayers or Torah gives each person their own special feeling and meaning.

My special services are based on your wants and needs. A more formal, traditional service can be conducted, or a more laid back, informal service can be performed as well. The amount of Hebrew and English used would be set as desired by your family needs. My services are inclusive for the whole family, with tutoring available for family members who so desire it. So that geographical location would be as versatile as possible for all training, Skype can be used for any individual lessons as well as personal, at home lessons. Training is generally from 6 months up to 1 year depending on prior knowledge, age, or academic levels.

Lessons are generally 1 hour in length (but may be adjusted as necessary). Lessons include training of reading Hebrew, chanting prayers and Torah, understanding the prayers and phrases, as well as preparation for reading from the Torah.  Also included, are discussions of spiritual and ethical Jewish topics as well as the Jewish take on current affairs. The basics of Judaism would include discussion of Jewish history, the meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Jewish traditions and rituals.
Hebrew from beginners introduction to reading through advanced Torah reading are part of my curriculum.

My services are designed to teach to a student's individual personality and educational level. I create lessons for those with little or no prior Hebrew training up to those with an advanced knowledge, but seeking a spiritual rebirth. My services will accommodate anyone who has made the decision to further his or her Jewish committment and has a desire to include Judasim in today's lifestyle. I offer my services to those who may be unaffiliated witha temple at present, or who need to work on a more personalized time schedule. I work with both Bar/Bat Mitzvah age young adults or with adults who are now choosing to experience their own Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

My light, humorous, easy going syle encourage Jewish learning that will last a lifetime, creating a feeling for Judaism and understanding what living a Jewish life means. Please contact me if you are looking for training with a Rabbi who will be there for you, work with you, and ultimately create a Jewish experience that will touch your heart and soul.
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